Teo Yu Siang

Staff product designer @ Endowus. I love making beautiful and meaningful things.

10+ years working on products that positively impact the world. My degree in accountancy makes numbers love me.

Hobbies include writing, taking photos and spending time with my dog. I care about LGBTQ+ advocacy in Singapore.

UX Projects

UX design

ENDOWUS Invest 2.0

Led the design of the investment recommendation flow at Endowus. Increased investment rate by 24%, increased adoption of Flagship product by 1.6x.

UX research

Speeding up subtitle creation at VIKI

Wizard of Oz experiment to validate our big bet idea. Validated a 61% increase in turnaround speed.

More case studies coming soon…


Side Projects


Brand new smile: MOTHERSHIP rebrand

New brand identity and website for Mothership, Singapore’s most popular digital-only news platform.



Investigating the histories of 50 buildings in Singapore, for a more introspective celebration of the nation’s 50th birthday.