Teo Yu Siang

Teo Yu Siang

How to Create a UX Portfolio: A Course

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New users to the Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) had a large and unfulfilled need to learn how to create their first UX portfolio. I created a course to guide new designers on what they should do to be portfolio-ready.

This case study contains only a snippet to maintain confidentiality. Contact me for my full UX portfolio.

The solution

“How to Create a UX Portfolio” is an ultra-practical course I’ve created. Through the course, I guide new designers through job roles, UX tools, case study writing, and more, so they can build their portfolio from scratch.

Within a month of launching, the course became one of the most popular courses on IxDF.

Course material

Topics covered

Templates and examples

A key part of the courses was templates that included step-by-step guides for new designers. These templates made the course truly beginner-friendly. In total, I’ve created 10 templates for the course.

Templates and examples I’ve created for the course

Results and impact

Testimonials from course students

Teo Yu Siang

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